Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

My last craft post of the year. I made this at the end of summer but didn't have time to post it until now. I taped off a square on an all white plate. Then spray painted black chalkboard paint in the center. We now have a little message plate that I have on my Southern Living Cookbook holder. I use it to write the lunch menu for the kids and we price each item. Lunch is served cafeteria style and they "pay" for their lunches and practice counting out their money. Fun and functional, my favorite kind of craft!
Happy New Year!


Rob M. said...

RGRG, I think you "out did" yourself the past week on your blog! Sure kept ME busy, looking at all the pictures, and reading everything! I like that!

Hopefully I'll get that first box sent to you in Jan. or Feb. This is the one I thought I'd be sending in Nov.!

I want all the MILLER FAMILY to have a very happy New 2010 Year!


The Jackson Juniors said...

Great idea!! I love the cafeteria style lunch. We just fend for ourselves around here for lunch, which means they have to cook for themselves or work together.

Drama Kween said...

That's a very creative idea. The whole 'pay' for your lunch thing. I also like the chalk board plate. Maybe I'll have Mom go to the thrift store and find an extra plate and I can go buy some chalkboard paint! I didn't even know they had that stuff!

Can't wait to see all the craft posts and all your other posts for the year 2010.

Happy New Year,

Mom to 5 Boys said...

That is a great idea!!! We might have to try something like that! You are so creative!