Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Big family dinners are a favorite for Bill and I. We love to cook and bake together. We love having people at our house. We love decorating and hosting. Thanksgiving we spend the day cooking but Christmas has "rules". Everything has to be easy but good and has to be something we can prep for the day before. We want a good dinner but also want to spend most of the day with the kids. Tenderloin has been our dinner tradition since Lindy and Paige were born. All the sides are quick and easy and I make all the desserts the day before. The result is a wonderful meal with all of our family.
With some measuring and planning we were able to pull off our big long table for 18 in front of the Christmas tree. Everyone helped pitch in to clean up gift opening and we slid the tables in place (preset tables! I'm not kidding when I say as much as possible has to be done ahead of time!).
Everyone had a great time! It was so pretty to eat with all the Christmas lights up. I don't have a picture of the dessert table but we had more dessert choices than dinner. Pumpkin, apple, blueberry, and peppermint ice cream pies, chocolate mousse, eggnog ice cream, and a variety of Christmas cookies. It was pure sugar!
Merry Christmas Bill, it was a wonderful holiday with our family. I loved every minute of it with you!

Emma and Paige chatting on the horse while opening presents.

Nancy and Gloria

Princess Whitney

Grommy and Lindy

Cyndi and Jana

Gretchen and Mom - Thanks Gretch for all the help this season. All the dishes you've done has been awesome. No wonder I've been in such a great mood, you've saved me hours of kitchen clean up!

Whitney and BJ


Whit and Beeg said...

What a handsome couple there at the end of your post. They look like delightful people!

Thanks for a great Christmas! All the food was delish and the company was as entertaining as usual. We had a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!!!

Rob M. said...

I thought the same thing as I got to the end of that post -- hardly ever see a picture of Beeg anywhere!

Talk about festive occasions. RG, you out-do yourself all the time. Blogs, PICTURES, go 2 weeks without changing the page then WHAMMO! Bombarded! I love it!

So glad to see everybody in the pics. Gretch was right when she said one day to me "You look just like my mom." Yeah, unfortunately there is an uncanny resemblance to your mom and to me. Must be 'cause of our parents!

Love to you all,


Gretchen said...

This was a fabulous holiday season; the food and company was great! You guys stick to the cooking and baking and I will be there for clean up duty!!