Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Came to Town!

Welcome to our home at Christmas! Santa joined us on Saturday to welcome our family and friends with holiday cheer. I have more pictures than I could possibly ever share, well over 150 from the day but here are the highlights.

We all look forward to this day. Next to Christmas Eve and Christmas the kids love having all their friends over. As they have gotten older everyone pitches in more than ever to help get ready. Every year each child chooses a cookie to make with me, just the two of us. This year Erin was going through all my baking magazines and found a sugar cookie cut out of a Christmas tree that was decorated with glitter for the garland and sprinkles. She HAD to make it. To make it easy for her we used the sugar cookie mix she rolled her dough and cut out 32 trees. I promptly put them in the oven and burned everyone of them! Not one to get upset (thank goodness!) she redid the entire process and informed me she would stay in the kitchen to hear the beep for when they were done. They are all trained that mom's ears don't work well and all week long the oven is on and everyone yells from all over the house, "Mom timer!"
Back to Erin. When setting up for the party, she went to get her container of cookies in the dining room and carried them oh so proudly to the kitchen. She made it right to the edge of the table and accidentally dropped the whole bunch of cookies on the floor. Fortunately, they all landed on the lid of the container and only one broke! She was so incredibly proud of her creations.
Paige was in the kitchen non stop this year. Each batch was completed and Paige would say she wanted to bake more. She made fudge, homemade marshmallows, iced cookies, brownies, candy treats, and more. It was great to have her company. We also had a extra treat afternoon when Gretchen and Whitney came over to help. Aunt Whit helped to bake and Gretchen was on dishes duty. We had a blast!
I know that everyone who attends has a great time seeing Santa and Bill and I are so happy to host. But the afternoon of the party is only part of the joy for our family. Many of our memories and traditions are built into getting ready for the big day.

Santa and Paige

Lindy with her Grommy, Mimi, and Santa. What a neat picture to have!

Treats, treats, treats!

Santa's arrival!

The Speith's with their new little one and we had the pleasure of meeting proud grandparents too!

Alex is checking out Santa and liking him too! I always like to see what they do the next year!

Santa does not let anyone escape getting their picture taken with him. Even the older girls have to smile once for our family album.

Me and some of the Brownie Troop.

More Brownies, Mary and AnnMarie.

Alexa and Santa were deep in conversation. I can't remember what it was they were talking about but both were very interested.

Emma and Steven came prepared with their lists!

Max and Santa. Sorry we missed you Sandy!

This is for Leigh, we tried but Lola still wants nothing to do with Santa. Some kids don't change their opinions!

Santa could have taken Maddie home to the North Pole. She is too adorable! Maddie and Erin are great little friends and so cute together.

And Maddie's brother Landon was all I heard about at the party! Who is the little boy in the gray vest? He is the cutest! Yes, he is! He ran in the front door, straight up to Santa and announced, "Santa, I'm here!"

Maddie and Landon with their parents and new baby brother, Blake.

Owen and Santa

Lindy and Rachel. Rachel and Santa talked about Rachel's dad being in Afghanistan. She is ready for him to be home but that won't be for 9 months. They will really miss him for Christmas but I think Santa will take extra special care of Rachel this year.

So glad that Lydia could make it! She was sick a couple of weeks ago and in Children's with RSV. We are so glad she was better and could come see Santa, even if she wasn't too excited to see him!

Bill and Gloria with Santa

Santa and Lindy

Santa and Megan

Not sure what Santa is telling Cruex but he seems to be taking it pretty seriously.

The Christley girls looked so cute and we had to get a picture of all of them with the Miller girls.

Santa asked Ethan if he was a good boy this year, of course! He's a sweetheart!

Colin and Santa

Erin had to share her ukulele with Santa and tell him about trip to Hawaii. Santa has a soft spot for Erin.

Katie and Santa
Thank you Santa for a wonderful afternoon! You brought many smiles to many people.


Rob M. said...

U.B. looks at all the goodies, thinking it's good he isn't there getting fatter on all those cookies and treats! Then he looks at all the pictures, and gets tears in his eyes, seeing how everyone is so happy. Tears of joy, of course!


Jennifer James said...

Thank you so much for hosting such a great party that our whole family looks forward to every year!!! Your house looked beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time!!!

The Jackson Juniors said...

We so missed be able to come. We have enjoyed seeing pictures of your day on several blogs. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!

Gretchen said...

It was such a great party, everyone looked so cute in their holiday outfits!!! And we can't forget all of the wonderful cookies!!

Laura said...

I agree with Jenny! Your party is the best! Thank you to you and Bill for hosting :) My family looks forward to it each year!

Angi said...

I know what Santa was telling Creux--"BEHAVE!" ;)

And a big thanks from my family too--we always have a great time at your place and it sure beats standing in line at the mall for a two second visit with Santa.

What a great Santa, by the way! I love that he leads those carols and indulges little boys who yank on his beard!(Creux was just checking to make sure he was real ;))