Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crafting, Crafting, Crafting..

Lindy is a major crafter, she has always loved glue and everything you can do with it! As she has gotten older she loves everything that allows her to create. She likes kits with all the supplies and ideas provided but also likes to be turned loose to the craft room and create whatever she dreams up.
For Christmas, Grommy got her a real loom. She had that out of the box over the weekend and is almost half way through all the yarn that came with it and that is a couple of yards. She is practicing and making rugs for her American Girl dolls. Then she is planning to make scarves.
Erin and Paige also made their sun catchers from Gretchen and Grandpa. I used to love those! The metal frames and crystals that you bake in the oven. Lindy made her's as well.
It was a really fun day! We all hung out in the basement, Ethan and Kyle playing Wii, Bill working on the storage unit, I was scrapbooking, and all the girls were crafting. I loved it! We are all looking forward to many hours this winter hanging out together creating.

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Gretchen said...

You guys are such a trip! There are always plenty of projects going on in the Miller household!