Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Crazy Daddy!

This sweatshirt that Lindy is wearing is a gift to all the kids and myself from Bill. But there is a bit of a story attached to it!
Last April we went to our good friends graduation. Julie is one of five girls in her family who are all homeschooled. Her parents had a lovely ceremony for her at their church and we were invited to attend. The kids all enjoyed seeing another homeschooler graduate, it definitely set some goals for Kyle. Anyway, when presenting her with her diploma, Julie's dad gave it to her from The __ School for Girls (don't want to put their last name here).
When leaving the ceremony I told Bill that we needed a school name for our family. He suggested The Miller Academy which I told him was too boring. It needed something more! Lindy pipes up in the backseat, "Hey, I know, how about the Miller Academy for Troubled Youth!". I thought Bill was going to die. He was laughing so hard, as we all were. Where she got that I have no idea I am assuming from a show or movie.
Well, the name stuck and so our school was officially dubbed the Miller Academy For Troubled Youth. Lindy is so proud! None of us can say it without a smile on our face! It is so hilarious when we have kids that are so "by the rules" that we have to tell them sometimes you have to break the rules!
Leave it to Bill to take it a step further. Always one to surprise us somehow, with the help of the embroidery store, he designed a school crest, and created tshirts and sweatshirts for all of us. The sweats have all the kids names embroidered on the front and Miller Academy on the back. Bill has the title Superintendent and I am Head Mistress. Cracks me up thinking of my title it sounds so wrong!?
Well, the kids loved it and we are all having a BIG Christmas laugh here. Thanks Daddy for our crazy surprise! (Hey, Superintendent- The Head Mistress needs to see you in her office!)


Laura said...

That is HILARIOUS! Love it!

Am giggling over here at your new "title"!

Jennifer James said...

I'm laughing out loud!!!

Gretchen said...

Great idea Bill!!! The kids were too cute to show off their sweatshirts!

The Jackson Juniors said...

We are laughing and loving it all the way in ND!!!

Drama Kween said...

OMG! Laughing my socks off!

OK, so now you have a crest, school name, and colors. All you need now is a Mascot. lol!

Rob M. said...

AWESOME! Totally awesome! Kyle said that name when you guys were out here, but I wasn't fully paying attention.

Yep, you need a mascot now!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

That is awesome! We've had our school named for a long time. I even designed a logo to go along with it, but never got shirts for us. I always wanted to. That is great that your hubby did that! Go Bill!