Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Recital

The Miller Family somewhat dominated the recital line up this year with all five playing. It was the first for both Kyle and Erin. They did a great job.

Ethan and Erin both played two songs. Ethan played Christmas pieces but Erin is not yet ready for a Christmas level book. For her first performance she played I Wish I Was A Fish and Jungle Bride, how very appropriate for little Erin. I think she was a tad nervous but really did well. The cutest part was watching her climb up onto the piano bench. Then her music book was so high on the piano I don't know if she could even see it!

Lindy and Paige both had duets with Phyllicia which was a very nice. Phyllicia also treated us to a beautiful performance. We are so fortunate to have such a talented and sweet piano teacher.

Kyle has picked up quickly.

Erin insisted on wearing her sparkly silver shoes. At first I tried to talk her into her black dress shoes but then thought we would be able to see where her little legs were hanging off the bench with the sparkles.

Oh she was so very sweet.

Lily also performed and did a great job. She is such a musical girl!

Brooke, our new Brownie and good friends with Lily, came to watch the performance. Immediatley after she broke her arm but that's another story!


Gretchen said...

Everyone did a wonderful job!

The Jackson Juniors said...

How sweet!! Love Erin at the piano.