Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is the kids favorite night of the year. They look forward to the traditions that we do each year and enjoy spending time together as a family. The highlight of the night is going to church to see the Living Nativity done as a reenactment of Jesus birth. Baby Jesus was so precious. At the end of the play everyone walks past Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, and this is truly the highlight of the night. All the kids love seeing the baby, he was probably 2 months old and didn't make a peep!

We returned home for pictures, fondue, and stories. Mimi and Grommy joined us for dinner and we had a wonderfully relaxing evening. Here are our yearly Christmas Eve pictures.

Hope this isn't the last year I get to dress them alike! I know I'm pushing it!

My handsome men!

And finally our little angel. Erin was sooo excited for Santa. She went right to sleep, wish I could say that about the others but that's another story!


Rob M. said...

Every one of those pictures are so cute! You sure are lucky to have such a nice family, Margot! And well-behaved! I always look at your blog to see what's new!

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. I had prime rib at a friend's, and it was probably the best I've ever had!

Love to all of you,


Laura said...

Merry Christmas, Margot! Your pictures are so sweet! We're going to have to check out that living nativity sometime, that sounds amazing!

Drama Kween said...

OMG! Erin looked so sweet, and Lindy and Paige looked adoreable. The boys didn't look too bad either, lol...

Merry Christmas! Wish we could be there with you all! Miss you guys!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Your family is adorable!! Everyone looked so nice.