Friday, December 18, 2009

Brownie Festivities

Oh my! Words cannot describe what my sweet little Brownie girls did for me for Christmas. When my friend Aimee dropped off her daughter and said she needed to gather all the girls together because they had something for me, little did I know.

Apparently Holly, my assistant leader, came up with the idea of making a bag for me. Each girl was given a square of fabric to take home. With help from their moms they embroidered their names on the square. My other friends, Aimee and Elaine, coordinated getting the sewing done and Aimee's mom generously offered to put it all together into the bag. Needless to say it was quite an effort from many people to pull it all together!

What a HUGE surprise! I was so touched. Not that it is hard to do but I was in tears. I just could not believe how much work went into this for me! I will treasure my Brownie Bag always. Thank you so much to all of you for so much effort and keeping such a big secret. A special thank you to Elaine for sewing with Lindy and Paige. They were so proud to have kept such a huge secret!

We followed up this big surprise with a great Christmas party. A gift exchange, cookie exchange, crafts, and we had a really special and fun party.

They even had Mackenzie do one before she moved! How neat is that!

I love having the troop number and On my honor stitched in squares.

Ornaments for the Brownies. I made them a Daisy for their Daisy year and wanted something to remember Brownie's.

Lindy and Claire led songs they learned at camp this summer.

Annabel was the first to open her gift during the Christmas gift exchange.


Gretchen said...

Margot you are a great mom and a great Brownie Troop Leader!! The bag is beautiful, the girls did a wonderful job! I had fun hanging out with you and the gang the night before preparing for the meeting. Everything looked fantastic :)

The Jackson Juniors said...

That bag turned out great!! Glad Mackenzie got to be a part of it before we moved.

You are an awesome person and you did wonders for Mackenzie!!! Thank you so much for just being you.

Mackenzie misses you and the troop.

Drama Kween said...

The bad looks AWESOME! Kenzie was excited she could still be a part of it before we moved.

Tell the girls I miss 'em and that they did a great job helping out with the bag!!! And tell Erin I say HI!

~Cassie~ =)

Laura said...

That bag is so cool! What a great surprise!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the bag! Wish I could have been there. Miss you all!


Jennifer James said...

Love the bag and the ornaments are adorable!!!