Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Great Sleepover

Lindy. Erin, Paige, & Emma the party girls!

All of the kids have been looking forward to their cousins, Emma and Alec, coming into town from Chicago for Christmas. Whenever they are in town they have a sleepover at Mimi's house. Mimi loves having all seven of her grandchildren in her house and the kids all have a blast. This time though Emma requested to have the sleepover at our house. That was great for me as I did not want to leave the house all weekend and we could still hang out with the kids. Don't get me wrong, I treasure those nights that Bill and I go out for a date and sleep in the next day. The day after Christmas though, I was more than happy to have them all here!

Snacks, hot chocolate, movies, sleeping bags, and everyone was having a great time. Bill and I went to bed knowing they would be up awhile. I dosed off and Lindy was standing by my bed telling me that Alec was crying, he wanted to go back to Mimi's house with his parents. No problem, we'll just give them a call so they can chat and all will be well. Until I looked at the clock and saw it was 1am. I offered to sleep with everyone if that would make Alec feel better. It would - yea! I intended to lay down until he fell asleep, well that was after 2am and the next thing I knew if was 6am! I found Ethan and Emma asleep on the living room couches with the Christmas lights all on. Apparently they were up until 4:30 talking and reading!

Once I got myself up off the floor and assessed the room and where everyone was sleeping it looked like we had a frat party. And let me tell you I felt like I was at a frat party. Floors and I don't agree! My doctor was laughing when I told her I "accidentally" fell asleep on the floor. I just wanted everyone to have fun! Nothing a round of steroids won't help to get things chilled out again! I needed them anyway after the holiday season and the cold weather!

Alec and Ethan were too tired to pose for pictures the morning after but they both had a great time! My kids are all plotting the next sleepover and anxiously awaiting the return of their cousins.

Lindy and Emma dressed alike before Emma returned home.

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Gretchen said...

What fun! Aunt Whitney and I used to sleep on the floor in each others rooms on Christmas Eve. One year we would sleep in my room and the next year it would be her room. I don't think I could sleep on the floor now but it is a ton of fun having sleepovers as a kid!!!