Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Was Here!

Hardly any pictures from opening presents! It is so busy and I am trying to pay attention to everyone opening to take pictures until everything is done. This was a music Christmas! The kids have started a "band" that centered around the keyboard. They wanted other instruments so they were pleased to get a guitar and small drums and Ethan requested a harmonica. He was pretty impressed with Billy Joel at the concert this summer!
Ethan also received a Scott Joplin piano book and CD and he is busy working on his ragtime. More pictures to follow..

Erin with Rebecca riding on her horse. Erin was in American Girl heaven! She spent the day with her dolls. My favorite part of this picture is Erin, her hair is beyond crazy and she spilled on her pajama bottoms before gift opening so she had to change her pants. Her mismatched craziness is so very cute!


Gretchen said...

The best is that when we arrived all of the American Girls were on the couches. We had to move all of them before we could sit down! It was a fun day!

Rob M. said...

It's taking me a while to keep up with all these posts, H.M. Margot!