Friday, December 4, 2009

Ornament Time!

Down came the Thanksgiving table and in 24 hours we had our tree up and decorated. It's a great feeling to be able to have the house decorated and enjoy it for the whole month. Our morning started with our annual cinnamon rolls and the kids come down to little gift bags on the table at their place. Every year I try to find an ornament that represents them in some way. Some years it ties to an activity they have done, other times an interest, and sometimes its just one I know they will love just because!

Here is the line up for this year:

The baking Santa and Mrs. Claus seemed appropriate for Bill and I can share with him this year. I also got a Hawaii ornament for the family so we can remember our wonderful trip.

Everybody has to be on the ladder at the same time!

Lindy has flip flops, which she loves and lives in about 7 months of the year, much like her mom!

Kyle has a patriotic Uncle Sam and I also got him one of the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii.

This was one of the "it's so Ethan" ones! This adorable snowman has a switch that lights up the ornament and it changes colors continuously, it also has his name on it. He loved it, I knew he would.

Paige loves to draw and is always designing and creating baked goods so a cupcake in a dome cake holder seemed appropriate.

And then there is Clara (oops, I mean Erin). To say that Erin is obsessed with Nutcrackers is putting it mildly. She has loved the wooden men since she was little. We have two that are as tall as she is now, for years she has carried them all over the house. When I saw this little blond ballerina holding her nutcracker, well that is Erin. Maybe someday she will dance Clara in the Nutcracker, who knows?!


Laura said...

What a fantastic tradition! (I may steal that one ;)) Those ornaments are adorable and your pictures are great! Love that first one :)

Good to see you on here again!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Great idea!! . . . We always give the kids an ornament for Xmas and they open it on Christmas Eve, but it makes more sense to give it to them before hand so they can display it and enjoy it for the WHOLE holiday season. Maybe we'll flip our timing-thanks for the idea.