Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Baking

Every year I try to be organized and have most things ready by Christmas Eve so that we can just "hang out". Difficult to do when you are having Christmas dinner at your house and don't want to spend Christmas cooking. But it always ends up being a fun day and we keep the kids busy which helps them since they are so excited.
We always make a Christmas castle out of my castle bundt pan. It is definitely easier than trying to make a Gingerbread house and the kids love to decorate it. So we set up cookies to ice and candy to decorate and let them go to it. Bill and I did as much of the dinner prep as we could and we all spent the afternoon in the kitchen. Perfect day!

Erin starts the castle.

All the kids really got into the decorating. We cut out big cookies this year. This was the small gingerbread man, the large one serves about 3 people!

Lindy loves dough! She always helps Bill make bread and he has taught her to knead dough and the rising process. Seeing them with their rolling pins is too cute. Cut outs are the one cookie that we are not allowed to make without Bill, they are his favorite.


Drama Kween said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Kenzie likes to help out with that kind of thing! We made Buckeyes, Chocolate-covered Mint Cake Balls, and other cookies this year. Erin looks too cute decorating the castle! We miss you guys, and I love keeping up with you on your blog, Mrs. Miller!
Cassie =)

Rob M. said...

Yummmm, more cookies! Good thing for YOU I wasn't there!