Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Celebration

We stay home on New Year's and have a nice, quiet family night. This year Aunt Gretchen joined us for an evening of fun. Lindy started by giving Gretchen a new "do"! Multiple pig tales, very cute.
Bill makes snacks and the kids always want nachos with homemade guacamole. I talked Bill into making his homemade pizzas. Not just the crust but he makes his own pizza sauce. They were awesome! Warm chocolate chip cookies for dessert followed by bowling on the Wii. We finished up our bowling just in time to see the ball drop. Kyle was most excited this year for the beginning of a new year. So excited that he said he could not get to sleep until 2:30! Not a problem I had as I barely made it to midnight! Everyone (except Kyle) brought their sleeping bags down to our room for the great annual sleep over. We had a great time.
So we are off to a new year and looking forward to all it brings. Happy New Year to you all!


Erin did not make it to midnight. She tried but I think she fell asleep at 11:30!


The Jackson Juniors said...

That pizza looks very yummy, one of my faves with pineapple & Canadian bacon. Sounds like you guys had a great time and looks like it wore your littlest one out!!

Hoping you & your family have a blessed & Happy New Year!!

Laura said...

It sounds like an awesome night, Margot! Happy New Year!

Drama Kween said...

That pizza looks good! Mom and Dad went to bed around 10:15ish but Zack and Kenzie wanted to sleep out on the pull-out couch that night so we camped out there.

Have an awesome New Year!

Miss yas,

Rob M. said...

U.B. was zzzzzz'ing away by 11 PM! UP at 4, though!

I'm working on getting that box of Bibles & pictures to send you. Hope to get it out in a week or so. This is the one I told you about in Nov.!


Gretchen said...

I had so much fun!!! All of the food was fabulous of course. E-man was a great teammate since it was my first ever Wii bowling experience. And to top it off Lindy did a fabulous job doing my hair!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!