Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brownies Spread Cheer

After the great slumber party we had our regular Brownie meeting Tuesday. We worked on so many things! We finished up our Cookie Smart Try it with lots of role playing activities. It was very funny to watch everyone become dramatic. They can all really ham it up!
Pictures from our sleep over were distributed in paper frames and the girls decorated them with slumber party stickers.
We also did our annual project of decorating Valentine boxes for the Veterans who are in a local Veterans Hospital. We have done this every year since they were Daisies and they really enjoy doing this. The girls donate items to fill the boxes. We collect anything from toiletries to candy, snacks, playing cards etc. This is a big service unit project and the girls receive a nice thank you from the Red Cross for their scrapbook every year.

We then moved on to more games and a relaxation exercise for the People are Talking Try it.
This was a great way to finish up our Friends badge since we worked on how to say things to each other in nice ways and talked about body language.

We finished off with a great snack of donuts (thank you Lily!). Paige had read about doing a hot chocolate bar in her American Girl Magazine. So we put together all kinds of toppings and served hot chocolate. Everyone filled their cups with marshmallows, whipped cream, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, and a candy cane to stir. I think they drank some of the hot chocolate!

All in all a great productive meeting, great job girls!

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