Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Day At Miller Academy for "Troubled Youth"!

Um yea, this is Ethan's idea of school right now. What exactly I'm supposed to do with the Periodic Table and a ten year old is beyond me. I've gotten a couple of books at B&N for lessons but it is really not my area of expertise. How I passed Chemistry and then Organic Chemistry in Nursing School is beyond me! But when the kids are interested then that's what is incorporated.

So we are starting with the basics and at least he'll have the table down by the time I figure out how to teach this!

While I'm wrapping my brain atoms and molecules Erin is playing Mario since who has time to put together Kindergarten! But seriously she is doing her "school work" as she says. She cranks out her little work books and then heads off to have the play area all to herself for awhile!

Our family state study is going well. We've had to skip around a bit so we are back in order and working on South Carolina. Here is Paige's drawing of Drayton Hall and Ethan's of Angel Oak Tree. This has been a particularly fun state to do since it is our vacation spot. We've been to so many of these places and the kids remember them and so their sketches mean more to them.
So we're just humming along, working away!


Laura said...

The drawings are fantastic! They have some talent!

You know something funny? Brandon is really into chemistry right now too!We bought all the science books in that series on your sidebar including the Periodic table one and he reads from it daily on his own; not his science assignment, just for fun! So cute! He told me yesterday that he wished it had all the elements in it!

Jennifer James said...

I love the picture of Ethan with his angel oak tree sketch.
It makes me miss it down there!
Glad you guys are getting so much school done, and having so much fun with it!

Gretchen said...

Ethan you can teach me about chemistry! I wish I could draw as well as you guys!