Saturday, January 2, 2010

Farewell Wooden Men

These Nutcrackers were one of those great after Christmas deals that were 70% off a few years ago. The year that Erin was around 19 months old was when they joined our family and Erin was crazy about them. Truly love at first site. She carried them all over the house. They are getting very beat up, swords have broken off, heads are broken and come off, they are chipped up, and just very loved! She still plays with them and carries them everywhere. She sets them up face to face and they "talk". When we first got them she had to look up to them. I think she came to their chins! This year she was officially taller then her "wooden men".

She did much better this year with putting them away. She even escorted them to the basement after this farewell photo with a sweet goodbye, "See you next year Nutcrackers!" Love, "Clara"


Rob M. said...

"Clara" has a heart of gold.


Drama Kween said...

AWE! That is so sweet!

Gretchen said...

You girls crack me up!!