Saturday, January 23, 2010

Impromptu Family Night

Whew! What a busy week. I have not had time to post as we have been busy doing school, school, school. And when we're not doing that we're at a practice or an activity. And it's Girl Scout Cookie Sale time so the girls have been out pounding pavement to reach their goals and that is taking some serious time!

So to recap our time, last Monday was Martin Luther King Day. NOT a school holiday in this house! The kids are getting used to me saying the same thing, "remember taking most of September to go to Hawaii?" "Remember taking extra time off at the holidays" "Remember how all your friends were in school then?" Oh, yeah.

Well, Bill was "off" work but still had some work to do but her was physically here which is a treat! So he made homemade pizza for dinner, something usually reserved for the weekend due to the time involved. Erin had a great time helping him make every one's pizzas. I made cake for dessert and we had a fun little dinner.

As we were sitting down Ethan said that we should have called Mimi to come. So off he went to call his Mimi. Well, what Grandmother could say no to her Grandson calling and inviting her over. Mind you, Mimi comes to dinner almost every Sunday, she had just been here the night before. Twenty five minutes later in walks Mimi who had been in jammies tucked into her house for the night! Ethan was a happy boy.
We ate, snacked, played Bingo, and hung out. For a spur of the moment family night it was good, very good!

Chef Erin

Lindy got a hold of the icing pan and did not leave a bit. Butter cream with almond, it was really good.

The kids new favorite thing is tea. Something I have never acquired a taste for but Bill loves. Erin is not one to be left out, such a sweet girl(literally with her sugar), her favorite part is to stir her tea.

Ethan and his Mimi wrapping up their Bingo round.


Rob M. said...

Bigelow's Earl Grey Decaf is my choice of tea, and I put a little bit of Splenda in it, so it makes it not bitter. (Great) Grandpa used to put milk in his tea, like the English do! I haven't tried that yet! The Earl Grey isn't bitter at all. I think it's an "acquired" taste.

I haven't seen any pizzas being mailed to me? Oh, they wouldn't fit in my mailbox anyway!


Jennifer James said...

What a great day! It's so nice when husbands are home!!

Gretchen said...

I put milk in my tea, must have been Grandpa telling me too!

Those pizzas are great; glad everyone had a fabulous dinner!