Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back In Session

Still snowing and the moon was glowing when I got up.

We are all excited to get started on our new year and resume school. I tried to make it a fun day to get off on a good start. We started off with warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast and warming up beside the fire. Then it was off to work! Chores and digging into school.

A little of our day...

The kids love to sit by the fire to warm up and wake up in the morning!

Lindy is in charge of the chore chart assignments on Monday.

New addition to our school room, a dry erase board. It has helped so much with our state lessons and doing vocabulary with the girls. They love being able to copy things down and not always have me spell everything out all the time!

Erin was more than ready to get started. She is working hard on a word search book on princesses.

Both Paige and Lindy HAD to wear their Miller Academy shirts for their first day back.

Lunch is always cafeteria style and Paige takes this literally. She uses cookie sheets as her "tray". They count out their change, pay for their food, and I being the "cafeteria lady" have to serve them. They have a blast with this!

We had so much reading to do that I made popcorn for everyone to snack on so we could snack and work. It worked, we got lots done!

I love this time of year. I love hibernating in our house all day. I love having my kids to myself to school with, read with, play with, cuddle with, and just to hang out with. Happy Schooling Everyone!


Gretchen said...

Ok everyone looks too cute! I love Erin's scarf and lunch time is so fun in person!

Laura said...

Looks like everyone was ready to get this going over there! Your cafeteria is such a cute idea!

Rob M. said...

Hmmm. January 3, 2010. Monday? Not on my calendar!


The Jackson Juniors said...

Looks like everyone was excited to get started, except the boys???? Where are some pics of them??

You are so organized with cafeteria style lunch. Love it.