Monday, January 4, 2010

Scrapping Away

Erin at 20 months with her mommy and daddy. I love looking at pictures of all the kids when they are little.

I took a BIG trip down memory lane last week. I committed myself to getting some scrapbooking done and I don't work in chronological order. I sift through pictures and paper and come up with combinations and when I like it together then I start assembling a page.
During the fall my favorite scrapbook store, Pizazz It!, started offering monthly page kits. I did this once before a couple of years ago by mail and loved it, I just couldn't keep up. Now I have space to work and am way more organized. That makes all the difference. I might only have ten minutes to work on something but ten minutes is better than none! You really can get something done in a very short amount of time.
So I turned out lots of pages and we all had a great time looking at old pictures. I by far had the most fun of all!

Ethan was 2 1/2 here and he often had this little grumpy face. He didn't start talking until about this time and he was very frustrated! This is one of my favorite pictures!

From the same set of pictures I did all of our holiday family pictures with Bill's family. It was Lindy and Paige's first Christmas and they were so little even at 2 months.

These holiday pages were from my December kit. I loved the paper and sparkles!

Kyle's little ray of Sunshine - I did Kyle and Erin from summer of 2008. I have been wanting to use these papers for a long time and finally found perfect pictures to go with them!

And last I did my January kit from Pizazz It! which was all vintage. Perfect reason to get those baby pictures of my mom out of the old album and into something new with archival paper and plastic protectors. I treasure all of my pictures and these especially cannot be replaced. I want them to be passed on for generations. The kids have really enjoyed looking at pictures of their Grommy and Great Grandma.

I hope to keep up with my scrapping this year!


Laura said...

Margot, your pages are beautiful!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Nice pages and great memories. I miss scrapping. I'm hoping to get my supplies organized (still in boxes in the corner of the basement) and start working on our albums too this year.

Jennifer James said...

Oh my gosh I remember those pictures of the girls. It doesn't seem that long ago that they were babies.
The scrapbook pages are beautiful!

Rob M. said...

RGRG, You'll be pleased to know that I'm making progress on getting a bunch (BUNCH) of OLD pictures together to send you. "ALL" I have to do is label the pics (on the back of them) as to who is in the pic. Then I can get them in the box with the Bibles, and get them shipped off to you.

There will be more pictures, eventually. More than you might want or know what to do with!


Gretchen said...

They are so fun to look through! Scrapbooking has given a whole new meaning to memories.

Whitney said...

I love all the pages. Everyone was, oops, IS so cute!

The pictures of Grommy when she was a baby are so cool. I remember Grandma told me there were holes in the "wall" behind mom so Grandma could hold her up to "sit." I loved hearing stuff like that. Mom had cute hair!