Monday, January 11, 2010

Brownie Friends Are Fun!

The Brownies had the ultimate slumber party and worked on their Friends Are Fun Try it badge. And they had FUN! For many this was their first official slumber party. Many of the girls have had a friend sleep over or had big sleepovers with family but not many have had a BIG sleepover.
Including Erin (our honorary Brownie) we had 14 girls for the evening. We started with pizza and a quick friendship activity. I have many pictures to share with the girls.

Some of the requirements for this badge we have done in other Try it's. So to not duplicate I substituted some of the activities. This Friendship Wreath was one of those activities. This was the first thing we did after everyone arrived. The girls traced and cut out their hand, then wrote things that they thought made them a good friend. We put the hands in a pile and I drew one at a time and the girl whose hand it was shared their friend qualities. As a group we added to this by telling our friends what we thought made them a good friend. The girls all really enjoyed this and it gave each of them time to think about and recognize each other.

Each girl had a bag that they could put all of their goodies in as we completed them.

One of the requirements is to make stationary. We added pens to the set. Girls chose the ribbon color and wrapped the pens and added feathers for plumes.

For the stationary girls made note cards. They had patterned scrapbook paper they could use to punch shapes from or many chose to emboss their paper with my embosser.

Remember these? Friendship pins! We used to make these in junior high and put them on our shoelaces. They LOVED making these. I had to hunt down more pins Saturday morning so they could make more. Some girls traded and others made some for friends they know outside of Brownies.

Pizza arrived and these girls were hungry and quiet. That quickly changed and they were charged and ready to go! Giggling, squealing, and laughing the rest of the night.

Annabel, Christa, and Lindy.

Faith, Rebekah, and Faith.

Best Buddies, Lily and Brooke.

Body glitter! Talk about Girly night, we mixed aloe with fine glitter and the results were sparkling.

I knew this would be just perfect for Mary our troop makeup queen!

The Faith's! These two have bonded over their special name. They really do enjoy each other!

Mia and Lindy shimmering.

AnnMarie and Lindy making friendship pins.

Faith making cards using her new pen.

Christa created many cards even after she changed into her American Girl Samantha nightgown!

Thank you to all the Brownie's for being so sweet and including Erin in all of your activities. You all set a wonderful example of being a friend by including everyone.

We had beads everywhere, feathers flying, hot glue, markers, paper, and glitter all night. It was the ultimate girl world!

Annabel and Lindy

Skylar and Christa

Rebekah and Paige reading and making cards.

There was a HUGE game of sneaking and spying on Bill in the kitchen. First I caught Brooke and Mary (taking off),

and then sweet little sneaky Lily made it farther than anyone when I found her!

All the girls wanted a pillow fight so much they could hardly wait. After Bill cleared the way for them they literally pummeled him! It was hilarious to watch.

Then we had to start getting things organized to fit all those sleeping bags and accessories and believe me these girls ALL travel with accessories.

They all have been wanting to watch a movie in our theatre and this was part of the main plan of the night. So after s'mores for dessert we retreated in our jammies to watch Hotel for Dogs.

Annabel and Faith waiting on their pancake breakfast the next morning.
The girls were pretty much winding down by 1am. After the "truth or dare" which was hilarious. Example - Lindy was dared to kiss her mom on the lips! Others were - hit someone with your pillow 5 times. I love the eight/nine year old innocent version of this game. They also played telephone and the quiet game via sleeping bags. A quick "conga line" ran through the sleeping bags at some point but I was not getting up to snap pictures of that one, trust me it was cute.

Good Morning Claire!

Erin and Skylar

Christa and Mary

Finishing up the friendship pins. I think Christa made over 50!

I hope that I got all of you in at least one picture here. I don't think they will forget this event for quite awhile. Most importantly they were all sweet friends to each other all night.


Laura said...

What fun! You sure had some great things lined up for all those girls!

karriecook said...

I just loved reading your blog. It brought a smile to my face. What a lovely family you have!

Jennifer James said...

Love the pictures. The one of Bill having a pillow fight is hilarious!!!
What a fun girly night!

Gretchen said...

How did you fit all of this fun into one night!!!! I think the attack on Bill looked like the most fun!!

mommymommymommy said...

I found your blog while lookin looking for projects to do with my second grade Brownie troop. Great idea!

In case you are interested, here is my Girl Scout blog.