Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yearly Ornaments

When the girls were born we had tried different traditions to give the kids some sort of keepsake from each Christmas. When the boys were little we did a Christmas book for each of them but as they got a little older and the girls came into the mix, well there are only so many Christmas books!
So, that year I got each of them an ornament to give to them the day we set the tree up. I try every year to find something that represents them whether it be an activity they do, a hobby, or just something that catches my eye and is them. When they are older they will have a nice start of ornaments for their own Christmas tree with their families.
This year my mom got them all little smore ornaments with their names. They loved those! Here are the rest:

Erin got a little pink frilly dress. When Erin collects her ornaments and puts them on her first tree in her own house it is going to be ALL pink and girly. I can't help myself, she is my little baby girl and I get her pink every year!

One of Paige's favorite picture books of all time is Arnie the Doughnut. If you haven't read it you need to check it out by Laurie Keller who also wrote the Scrambled States of America. Anyway Arnie is a talking doughnut who soon discovers he is going to be eaten. Very cute and Paige adores this book. She still reads it today. So when I saw this doughnut all I could think of was Arnie and Paige! She loved it!

Lindy not only loves Peace signs but is the Peace Maker of the family. The one who is always making everyone happy and solving problems. This could not have described her better!

Ethan makes these huge concoctions of ice cream sundaes all the time, year round. Melted peanut butter on chocolate ice cream is his current thing. This seemed so appropriate!

Some years someone gets two because I just can't decide or find two. Last year it was Lindy and this year its Kyle. The globe of the earth filled with glitter to represent his first travels overseas exploring the world. The second is a flag ribbon, to represent the WWII speaking and veterans he has worked with so closely with this year.

And for Bill in honor of his "Aloha Fridays" that everyone at work count on, a Hawaiian print shirt with beach treasures. I started getting one for myself a couple of years ago, usually to go with Bill's. This year its a beach bag with sun screen and sun glasses for heading to my favorite place in the world with my favorite people!


Laura said...

what a sweet tradition! I might just have to steal that idea ;)

Gretchen said...

So neat.... I love them all, I can't wait to see the tree!

Rob M. said...

I don't know HOW you find the TIME to do everything you do, Margot!
Eventually I'll have another box of pictures to send. I found a BIN FULL again, that will take a lot of "going through"!
Tell Ethan I got FAT eating too much ice cream!