Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho

Santa was here! What a wonderful day we all had with Santa. Friends from all areas of our life came to spend the afternoon with us and the jolly man. The kids were more excited than ever, they love to bake and get ready and I had more help than ever with baking this year. I spent many hours with all of them, up to our elbows in dough or in Ethan's case, peanut butter. We have never made so many buckeyes!
Many special treats this year! Our cousins came from Chicago, that was a big treat! Friends we had not seen in such a long time and BJ and Grandpa braved the crowd to come for the first time.
What was a great day turned into a wonderful evening. The after party was a very special evening with friends and family having pizza, wine, cookies, and great conversation. Couldn't have been a more perfect day!
Thank you Santa for stopping by! We love your visit! Have a wonderful Christmas, The Millers.

 Nancy's precious Janna was here for her first visit with Santa. She is a sweetheart!

Glad that the Girl Scouts were not too big to give me a picture with Santa. These were the only girls I could round up at the time but there were more running around!

The Dixon clan with one more on the way tomorrow!! Good luck Leigh!

If you don't go to Santa, Santa comes to you as BJ and Whitney found out!

Paige and Santa

The beautiful Hoser ladies - so glad you could join us, we had a great time with you!

 The dance girls!

 More dance girls showing their stuff to Santa!

 Paige and Grace

 Gloria and her "kids" Bill and Cyndi

 The only little one REALLY unhappy to see Santa was Lydia.

 Owen and Santa

 The Co-op crew!

 Santa and Julia. Julia ran right up to Santa and hopped on his lap. She is such a doll!

 We wish you a Merry Christmas!

 Mom and the Sisters!

The adorable Snider girls!

Merry Christmas love from both of us.


Rob M. said...

It's always nice to see your Christmas Santa Claus pictures!
How many did you have this year?

I remember once when I was a little kid, Santa called me on the phone. I didn't know what to say. I remember the call, but can't remember if I told him what I wanted. And of COURSE I told him I'd been good!


Margot said...

We had 160 people this year. It was a blast! We say every year it was the best one yet but it really was the best party to date. For many reasons!

Laura said...

Margot, thank you for hosting such a wonderful party! We had a great time, as usual! Your pictures are precious and your family ones are keepers!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job you all did hosting your Santa party! Wish I'd gotten to see more of all of you.
Ethan--I didn't get a buckeye--do you have one tucked away for me?

Love, Grommy