Friday, December 31, 2010

The "Girls"

 It wouldn't have been as much fun on Christmas if the girls could not have their BFF's run down to see all their Christmas Treasures. These girls are pretty much inseparable! The Christley's live two doors down and also have 2 older brothers (probably gives them an instant bond!). The ages are perfect, 11,7,5 which match great with our girls 9 and 5. They all get along so well you would think they were all sisters.
Once things had calmed down they had to all run between houses and check things out. Dolls were shared, girly crafts were planned for the coming week, and Grace proudly gave us her new cell phone number!
I had to grab a quick picture and the girls had to do a silly pose as well. My favorite part is Julia came down in her nightgown, now that's my kind of girl!

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Gretchen said...

That is so much fun for all!! We had the same with the Rorris' and it was so fun to show each other our wonderful gifts. The best was to play for hours on end!