Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girl Scout Christmas Party

The Junior Girls love to have parties! They also love tradition and like to do the same activities for the holidays which I think is very cute. So going with tradition we had our annual cookie exchange and $5 gift exchange.
For the gift exchange game we played a fun game with the story of the Wright Family at Christmas time. There are various versions on the Internet. Each girl starts with the gift they brought, I read the story and each time the word right or left is said the girls pass the gifts in that direction. It gets a little silly and crazy but we all had a ball. The gift you are holding at the end is the one you open and keep. It is so neat to see what the girls come up with! I am always amazed at what they can do with $5. They are one creative bunch and I love to see how some of them make their gifts, how cool is that?! Lots of sewing this year with bags and snowmen, girly accessories, decorations, and crafty items were all big hits.
Faith's uncle recently deployed to Afghanistan so we made Christmas cards for his unit. We also made an adorable snowman craft (coming in another post) for the girls to count for a holiday decoration in the Art in the Home badge.
 Merry Christmas Juniors!

Rebekah and her new jewelery box.

Mia and her new handmade snowman decoration.
These two Faith's are hilarious! Last year Faith D. got Faith P.'s gift in a name drawing. Then she got it again when we randomly traded gifts. Faith sewed the bag that she gave Faith.

 Filling their cookie bags. What wonderful treats they all made!

 AnnMarie and Anna

 Each year I give the girls an ornament, this year was green (for the junior sash color) with their names on one side and the year on the other. These remind me of an ornament hanging on my tree. A red ball with my name in glitter and the year 1978, from my Brownie leader.

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