Friday, December 31, 2010

True Christmas Spirit

Oh sweet Ethan, said to me at the beginning of last week that he knew he had the true spirit of Christmas. When I asked him how he knew that he said, "because I don't care about the presents I get, I just want to spend time with Emma."
I knew he meant it. There were no questions about how many days until Christmas from him it was always how many days till Emma gets here? Is she spending the night? Will she be here all day?
When Emma arrived we did our family exchanging with Mimi, Grommy, Grandpa, and aunts and it was hard to get Ethan to focus when it was his turn to unwrap! He was very involved with chatting it up with Emma and although I know he liked his gifts and was very appreciative, his true gift was already here.
Being only a couple months apart and having very similar personalities, these two are very close. They love their visits and that in itself made for the best Christmas for Ethan.

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