Thursday, December 23, 2010


My best friend from childhood on came through Columbus today on her way to her mom's. This is a huge deal since Stephanie has been living in Sweden for the last 15 years! We have not seen each other in over 8 years and not even talked on the phone in all that time. Our last pictures together were from my wedding when she was my maid of honor, that was 16 years ago!
When my sisters and parents found out she was coming to the US with her family they all left work and came for the afternoon to visit. She is basically my parents fourth daughter. We had such a great visit. The kids were so interested to hear all about Sweden and what its like to live there. Stephanie's kids Ericka and Adrian had a great time playing which gave us lots of time to catch up. Never enough but a good start!
Thanks so much for making sure to get to us Stephanie! It was so wonderful to meet the kids. Merry Christmas and enjoy your vacation. We will see you soon!

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Gretchen said...

I hate how time flies... it was so nice to see Stephanie. If only we could up and visit Sweeden on a regular basis. Maybe one day!