Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

 Love this picture of Erin all her crazy hair very suiting for Christmas morning! What a great time we all had! The highlight of the morning was watching the excitement in each child as their gift exchange gift was opened. Paige was ready to burst and told Lindy she must open her gift before she opened anything from Santa. Oh she was so proud to get Lindy they baby doll that she wanted so badly.
And yes Lindy was VERY happy. Phebe is now a part of Lindy's little doll family. Phebe caught her eye because of her realistic size. She can sit on the floor and resembles a 9 month old. She can sit on your hip and be carried around. Lindy is the baby doll queen here and I think she now has every style/type created.
Paige also got a baby doll but a smaller version of Lindy's that she has named Tessa. It warms my heart that at 9 they still love their babies and still ask Santa for new ones. With everything else techy out there and the number one thing they want are babies.
Ethan and Kyle both exchanged books. Ethan was so excited since he didn't even know that Diary of a Wimpy Kid had a new edition out. Decision Points by President Bush was one of the number one things Kyle wanted and we didn't see a lot of him after gift opening.
Ethan basically received a bedroom makeover. Bean bag, new fun lamp he wanted, a new desk from Grommy, he is ready to decorate!
Erin just loved everything! Her webkinz, PetShop stuff, coloring, you name it she was thrilled.
I'm enjoying my gift as well. All week to scrapbook, all day long! The entire week! So there is a delay in getting my pictures here because I am busy getting them put in the real "keep forever" albums and I am not only loving my week but getting some serious amount of pages done. Lindy did tell me she does not think scrapbooking is healthy! I don't cook and feed anyone (they are capable of making their own lunch!), I stay up too late (yes 2am is probably too late), and she claims I take no bathroom breaks (didn't know she was keeping track!). Oh well! Tonight I am done at 1am and we ordered pizza and have plenty left over for lunch!

Bill and I got Kyle's Dispatch article framed for his room. He loved it!

My niece Emma was selling her American Girl Doll carriage. I scooped that up for the girls who were thrilled to add that to their collection.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! Your scrapbooking addiction is cracking me up! And that the kids notice! I hope you had a wonderful time enjoying your present ;)

The pictures are great! It looks like everyone else had a great Christmas too!

Gretchen said...

WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!! Had a great holiday with all!