Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eagle Feather

Kyle was selected last February to attend Eagle Feather, National Youth Leadership Training Camp, this past summer. He spent a week in July at camp gaining leadership skills that he could bring back to use in his Boy Scout troop and in other areas of life.
He had a great time and learned many new skills. Most he had to put into place upon his return. He had 100 days to implement his goals within this troop and patrol. Upon completion he was signed off and submitted his final paperwork.
On Sunday he, along with 46 other boys from all over the Council area (Central, Southern Ohio, part of Kentucky) received their bolo tie award at the ceremony. Bill and I were very proud, of course!
Nice job Kyle, I know you will continue to be a great leader.

Cynthia is part of a Venture Crew which is a scouting program for both boys and girls. She went to a similar camp this summer as well and received her award last weekend! She and a friend were there helping out and cheering Kyle on.

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Laura said...

Great job, Kyle! Congrats! And on the black belt as well :) Wow, Margot, he's been busy! (as are you!)