Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hats, Mittens, & Food Oh My!

What a huge haul we had from donations at our Santa party! We hit an all time high! Over 100 food items, the Pickerington Food Pantry was very grateful. The final count was 68 mittens and gloves, 38 hats, and 3 scarves. By the end of the party the entry to our office was totally blocked. We literally had to jump over bags and boxes filled with goodies.
Paige and I delivered the mittens to City Hall for their mitten tree which will be distributed next week. The tree was pretty full, there was no way all of ours would even fit,  so we tried to make them look festive under the tree. What an awesome experience for all the kids. We are so appreciative of those who donate and make our collection a success. Our kids are so proud to take everything in. All of the kids work hard to clean the house, bake, and help get ready in general. It is truly a family effort, one that has become a beloved tradition for all of us. Taking the food and mittens in is really a great treat for them to see their work pay off.
Thanks so much to all who donated! We have helped to brighten someones Christmas a little bit.

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