Friday, December 31, 2010

Plugged In!

 About an hour after all the Christmas gifts were open everyone was "plugged in". I walked throughout the house and found everyone with some sort of screen and a game going on. For the girls it was Webkinz, for Ethan he had a new game on the Wii and Kyle got a new XBox and was busy with that. It was pretty funny to see, I'm sure grandparents are laughing at this!

The girls wanted to be side by side so they could see each other visiting in Webkinz world!


Laura said...

Am just cracking up over here! I love that the girls were playing beside each other! How cute is that?!?

Gretchen said...

Ok that is too funny! I remember for us it was to watch the new VHS movies that we received from santa!!

Rob M. said...

I've never played Wii, I don't know what an X-Box is. My Desktop has Vista on it, and I'm getting a laptop with Windows7 on it this week (from a friend). I have enough trouble using a Desktop ... what's going to happen to me with a laptop?