Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daisies Christmas Party

What a bunch! These girls are so cute, so fun, and so giggly!! That's all they do is giggle for two hours. Our holiday party was a huge hit! The girls each had a $5 limit for the gift exchange which they were very excited for. We did a quick review of left and right and determined that they could also play the Wright Family Exchange game that the Juniors did. We had to help a little when things started to get crazy with the left, right, left, left, right but if they didn't have that down before they arrived they've got it now!
Everyone shared what they received and thanked each other (also very cute!). We then started our snow people. All the girls love to paint so this was a hit. While the paint dried we had snacks while watching a quick version of Frosty the Snowman. Then it was back to the craft table to put the finishing touches on our snow people.
Merry Christmas Daisy Girls!

Such a sweet little group! It is so neat seeing Lindy and Paige with some of the girls they were Daisies with and how they have become such good friends over the years. Not only does Girl Scouts teach wonderful values but its such a great way for girls to bond and form friendships. Everyone is included and everyone is friends, be a sister to every Girl Scout!

When Lindy and Paige were Daisies I made these ornaments for all the girls in the troop. Its so nice to have Junior girls to help me out with things like this! Lindy took care of putting all the coats of white paint on these wooden flowers. The girls names are on the front with the year on the back in "Daisy Blue". I love having my ornament from my Brownie leader and its so special to think about all the fun I had way back when I was in Girl Scouts.


Laura said...

Megan had so much fun! Thank you for being such a great Daisy leader! :)

Angi said...

ADORABLE shot of our giggly girls! Greer is having the time of her wee life over there in Daisies!

And the ornaments are such a great keepsake--thanks for making one for her! It's hanging on her tree and I know she'll always remember who gave it to her and how much fun she had!

Gretchen said...

What an adorable troop!