Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Presidential Pie

Every Thanksgiving Kyle makes his special Apple Pie that he learned to make years ago at a co-op cooking class. Its the most popular pie of the day! This year he had a special apron to wear.
The weekend before my friend Aimee and I went to the Food Network Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland. Yes, it was fabulous! The food was great but the company makes it the most fun. Anyway, Aimee and I went to see a presentation done by a White House Chef. Such neat stories about the Presidents and their families I was texting like crazy to Kyle and getting questions from him to ask. He would have loved it!
But he got a cool gift with this official White House Food Service Apron just like the chefs wear at the White House. Brought a little bit more to the pie this year I think!

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