Monday, November 15, 2010

Who is Worth Remembering

The title for Kyle's presentation was Who is Worth Remembering. I am in complete awe of my son. Since he was a little toddler there was something about him that was unique, as each child is in their own way. Kyle has a gift and that gift is his passion for History, specifically  military history and Veterans, and he loves to do public speaking.
This does not come from me. It is definitely a Bill trait. I am so fortunate to have Bill as my husband to coach Kyle and help guide him down this path. I try to make every opportunity possible to him in regards to his desire to follow this journey.I take down the directions, drive him where he needs to be, take pictures, proofread writings, and time speeches and, take care of the busy work. These thoughts and ideas that he brings me that are the beginnings of his stories are him. 100% Kyle.
The thing I love is that he is able to tell people he is home schooled. It makes me so happy for people to see what the product of a home education really is. What it does for kids who are able to follow their passions and really take them to the next level. He is in no way restricted in what he wants to learn about and what skills he wishes to take up. I truly believe that is a major factor in his ability to give a presentation to hundreds of people and have them riveted in their seats. He has worked so hard. He had the time and the desire to follow his passion and today it took him far.
Kyle, you are so very welcome for "all those pictures". I have enjoyed every minute of this project with you. I love the talks in the car, the chats we have about your Veteran friends, listening to you rehearse, and most importantly being your mom.


Gretchen said...

Kyle, you did a fabulous wonderful job! I was so proud watching you with my lovely red nose from crying tears of joy... you did a great job!

Rob M. said...

Gretchen ... crying? I don't believe it!
Kyle is starting to look like his DAD, more and more!

Kyle, maybe you could find a way to "paste" your speech to Facebook, or email me a copy? Thanks!