Monday, November 22, 2010

Learning the Girl Scout Law & Promise

For new Daisies learning the Girl Scout Law and Promise can be a bit daunting. So many big words and things to remember! With each petal representing a part of the Girl Scout Law I tried to make it fun for them to learn what each one will stand for.
The girls created life size daisy flowers taller than most of them! The center of the daisy represents the promise. We used cake discs that the girls painted "daisy blue". The stems were wooden dowels that the girls painted green along with the wooden base that we glued the stems into.
The girls each got a colored petal that corresponded with the petal in the Girl Scout Law. While I read each part of the law, the girls had matching gems to glue onto the petal.
Hot glue held everything together including the petals. The girls wrapped a sparkly green pipe cleaner around the stem and then we glued on two leaves. My plan was to print the Girl Scout Promise onto cardstock so that it could be glued onto the center of the flower but the printer was not cooperating! By the end of the meeting all the girls could recite the promise on their own so they were able to take home the center of their flower for their smocks.
Really a cute and fun project. The one thing they told me at their first meeting when I asked about crafts was that they all love to paint. I think this met their expectations! Paint, glue, sparkly gems = happy Daisies!

Finished product! When the flowers were done we measured each girl against their "daisy" and marked it with a Sharpie. They can then watch their growth through Daisy Scouts and see how tall they get when they are ready to bridge to Brownies.

The flower center is a cardboard cake circle and the base is just a scrap piece of wood.

Petals cut from scrapbooking cardstock.

Erin with her Daisy!
Megan's birthday was the day of our Daisy meeting! She brought chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing to share with everyone. Lyza had just celebrated her birthday the weekend before so we had lots of happy birthday singing to do!

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sarahandjasono2 said...

I love this Idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to use it for the Girl Scout law.... but that is so wonderful!!!