Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vietnam Moving Wall

Last week I took the kids to see the Vietnam Wall that had made a stop in Pickerington. We were so lucky to have it so close to home and right near Veteran's Day. Going the day after Kyle's Veteran Presentation was perfect since the girls had heard all the stories and have a good appreciation for what this means.
I always give the kids a reminder when we go to things like this about being quiet and respectful. When we arrived there was a sign posted that this was "hallowed ground" to please do not use cell phones, no food or drink, no rough play, no smoking etc. Not only were the kids fabulously behaved and respectful (which I would not have tolerated anything but!) Ethan got in the van when we were leaving asking me why other people were so disrespectful.
Right along the walkway of the wall, someone had a drink, a man was talking loudly on his cell phone, and a lady was standing at the end of the wall smoking. I didn't even know how to respond but to tell him I was proud of him for noticing how bad that looks. These men deserve more than that. He said he wanted to say something to one of them but he was afraid. I wish I had known at the time since I think an 11 year old pointing out the proper way to behave at a memorial would have had more impact than an adult saying it.
I know Ethan along with the girls really got a lot out of the experience. I know they will enjoy our DC trip !


Laura said...

Oh I would have loved to see that! What a beautiful memorial. I know your kids appreciated being there.

My dad served in Vietnam. He now suffers from the use of Agent Orange.

Rob M. said...

We've had the Moving Wall in Redlands twice. I saw it once, and it's a somber experience.

I think if one of the people there "in charge" knew someone was smoking or yapping on a cell phone, they would have asked those people to "move along".

There are TWO "Moving Walls", I guess one for the East Coast, one for the West. Everything is handled by volunteers.

A few days ago, I stopped at Riverside National Cemetery to "visit" Grandma and Grandpa's grave site. It was nice and cleaned up, I suppose because it was the day before Veteran's Day. As I was walking back to my car a soldier asked if I wanted a flag to put on the grave site. I told him "yes" and he gave me one. I tried to pay him for it, but he wouldn't accept any money from me.

I always TRY to remember to take a flag with me to put there, but didn't know that day that I'd have time to stop by.

Uncle Bobby

Gretchen said...

The Miller kids are too much. How neat for them to see the wall, a great way to learn history.