Friday, November 5, 2010

Presentation of Medals

This morning Kyle and I went to the Statehouse to see one of his Veteran friends receive a very important medal, the Knight of the Legion of Honor. This medal was presented by Governor Strickland and a representative from France. This medal is in France the equivalent to the Congressional Medal of Honor here in the States. Mr. Bott was one of eight men to be presented this medal in the Rotunda of the Statehouse. We were kindly invited to attend by Mr. Bott who Kyle has interviewed for his Veteran's Day presentation. Mr. Bott is very humble about his service and has a very powerful and moving story including being captured and a POW during WWII.
We were so happy to be included and Mr. Bott was very happy to see Kyle even with a huge turn out from his family. We were not sure if we would be able to watch the ceremony since we did not have an "official invitation" but really we just did not have a table to sit at. Kyle insisted on wearing his suit to which I told him he didn't have to since we probably would only see the men after the ceremony was over in a hall. I will now always listen to his judgement it what to wear!
It is very moving to sit in the Rotunda and watch a ceremony like this. It was such an honor to be a part of. Kyle was also able to meet Governor Strickland who told Kyle he was doing a great thing in interviewing Veterans.
Kyle -
I know you will be reading this when you look at the pictures from today. Words can not express my pride in what a fine young man you have become. It is an honor to be your mom. I look forward to many more events and activities with you as you continue your journey of school and public service.

Gov. Strickland and Kyle

Mr. Bott being interviewed for the local news.

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