Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Rest

I tried to surprise Bill with this get away in November. He decided that getting pneumonia and having it spread to his heart and give him a heart attack was a better way to spend a romantic getaway! We spent 4 days at Mt. Carmel East "Inn". Not fun or romantic, unless you count that really cute hospital gown he had to wear!

So here we are again, rescheduled in January and it is SO cozy at Glen Laurel in Hocking Hills. We have cranked on the fireplace after our hike in the woods and it is so nice! Our dinner was huge and so good but I literally could not eat one more bite! We have all day tomorrow, just us! We are going to hike tomorrow, hopefully a couple of different trails and wander around somewhere quaint.

Somewhere in there I need to fit in my nap and a hot bath ....

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Laura said...

What a beautiful place! Have fun!