Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puggle Snuggle

Nothing like snuggling with a pug on a rainy afternoon. Oliver is my buddy. He follows me everywhere and according to the kids he is "obsessed" with me, much like Quincy is with Ethan. He whimpers at the door when I leave and is by my side all day. The second I sit down he is next to me and sometimes he climbs on top of me and sleeps on my shoulder like a baby. I never had a dog that did this. And yes I am totally obsessed with Pugs!

It is  hard to get much done when he makes himself so comfy. It's a challenge to read to the kids! 


Gretchen said...

So adorable!!!! Who was your photographer, they did a fabulous job!

Margot said...

That would be Paige! She's got quite an eye for photography.

Laura said...

So cute! He definitely looks comfy. It sounds like babies all over again!