Saturday, January 21, 2012


I wonder what its like to always have someone by your side growing up. Who has been with you since before you arrived here. Who goes through everything you do at the same time (braces etc).Who likes pretty much the same things you do except maybe your personal taste in clothes!

I have read lots on twins and they pretty much all say that next to their spouses, it is the closest and best relationship they ever have in their lives. That seems pretty amazing.

Lately Lindy and Paige are having more "twin" moments than ever. I can't really explain what they are until they happen. It's usually when they are both excited about something and talking at the same time, saying the same thing. They look the same and have the same expressions. It's just a twin thing!

I think its pretty cute to watch them talk and hang out especially when they can't see me!

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