Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Putting on some party attitude! The girls were looking forward all week to having their friends over for a New Years celebration. Homemade pizza, snacks, and decorations made it a great night.

Highlights of the day/night:

Erin made Cookie Pie by herself to share with her friends.
All 7 girls arranged themselves to sleep on the sectional together!

Adorable conversation between Erin and Emma:

Erin " After midnight it will be 2012."
Emma "I know, I'm so excited!"
Erin "Do you have any plans for the new year?"
Emma "No, but we should probably get some."

Hilarious! Nothing like six year old perspective.

The boys were off to a party and Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening with cute girls running around!

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