Monday, January 2, 2012

Her Wooden Men

Obsessed. Since she was tiny, Erin has loved nutcrackers or as she called them her, "wooden men". She has been in love with this set since before she could walk and as soon as she was tall enough she carried them around, danced with them, played with them, and loved them.
Every year we take a picture before we put them away. Mainly because she loves them so but also to look back over the year and see how tall she is.
I love taking her picture when she is deep in conversation with them, it is hilarious and very sweet. I love that at six she still talks to them.
See you next year wooden men!
~ Erin


Rob M. said...

Those are really nice. I wish you could get hold of all the stuff Grandma had. I don't know WHERE it all went.


Mom to 5 Boys said...

That is neat. You need to post the pictures of her from the previous years! I'd love to see how she's changed year to year.