Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Call Backs!

Erin auditioned tonight for Gretl in the Sound of Music and we got a call later tonight that she made the callbacks! She is so excited to have the opportunity. She came skipping out of her audition and told me "I'm happy with how I did!" She has had the best attitude about trying out and I'm so proud of her.
Lindy helped her get ready, did her hair and curled her pigtails, she was trying to get into the Gretl character.
Can't wait to see how she does tomorrow! Break a leg Erin!

Erin & Marinne, dance buddies, auditioned together!

Erin (in pink) waiting to be called back.


Laura said...

How exciting for her! I hope things went well last night!

Love that you're posting more often :)

Rob M. said...

Ditto that on posting more often again!!!


Gretchen said...

Love the team work to get Erin ready!!