Thursday, January 12, 2012

That's What Friends Are For

Erin was really sad last night that she didn't get the part in the Sound of Music. She had lots of encouragement and positive comments of what a perfect Gretl she would be. But this morning she got up and said she was better and ready to try for another role! That's the life of an actress! Keep moving on until you find the right role.
As soon as we were done with school, Erin's BFF Emma, brought her a card. She knew that Erin was sad and really wanted to cheer her up. They had auditioned together and Emma was rooting for her when Erin made call backs.  It was so sweet when Emma showed up all bundled in her hat and mittens and didn't even take her coat off before she hugged Erin and gave her a card. It was so sweet and read "I didn't get the part too. Have a good time." How sweet is that?
Off they ran to have a good time, giggling and playing just like best friends. It was so sweet that Emma was so concerned about Erin and worried about her being sad. They take good care of each other and try to spend every available second together. They are there for all the happy things parties, holidays, and playtime. And now they are there for each other when they feel down. That's what friends are for.

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Mom to 5 Boys said...

What wonderful girls they are!!! True friends!