Monday, January 9, 2012


Tonight were the auditions for The Sound of Music for Lindy and Paige's age group. They had SO much fun with their friends! So many girls tried out, many they knew and they had a great time hanging out while waiting for their number to be called.
Both the girls don't care if they get a part they said they are happy for whoever gets them. They have a free ticket to see the play should they not get a part which they are very excited about!
I am so proud of both of them. There is no way Paige would have done something like this a couple years ago. I might have been able to talk Lindy into it but no way would Paige have done it. But she ran right up when her number was called and she said she did it just like she has practiced which was pretty good!

Just finished auditioning!

Paige in pink, hanging with the high school cast members waiting to go in for her audition.

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