Friday, January 13, 2012

A Small World

Kyle's Eagle Project is taking off! We had the pleasure of interviewing a Korean War Vet this morning. We had such a great time chatting we lost track of time and were there for almost 3 hours! But the stories were great and while Kyle was interviewing I was talking with this vets wife. Believe it or not their first house when they got married, was right down the street from where Bill and I bought our first house. Literally within about 10 houses from each other!

Every time we leave an interview we get in car and look at each other and can't believe the stories we have heard or the coincidences we find. The boy is amazing. He has such a passion for this and its quite an honor to take him around to these interviews and be a part of them. I'm hoping that since I'm the photographer I will still be able to accompany him when he is able to drive himself!

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