Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Alone

It was bound to happen. It's almost happened before but we've always caught ourselves and checked to be sure we had everyone. Today was an honest error. I left to take Ethan to get his picture taken for his passport. I told Bill to bring Erin and Kyle with him to meet us at the post office to get the paperwork completed. The boys were then going to a fellow scouts Eagle Project and Erin and I would head to dance to pick up Lindy and Paige.

Bill dropped Kyle off at the project on the way to the post office so when he got out of his car alone, I knew we were in trouble! He and Kyle got ready to leave the house and Erin was no where around. It's not a quiet production to leave either, since you have to call the puppies and get them treats to go in their crates. The whole house hears it going on! But apparently Erin didn't hear a thing. When she didn't show up by the door, Bill assumed she had decided to leave with me.

The entire way home I kept thinking if I get pulled over for speeding, do I tell them why? That my 6 year old has been left at home, alone! Or is that going to get me in more trouble?

I fly in the door and Erin is sitting at the kitchen table, holding the phone and talking to Emma with one hand, typing on the computer with the other! No clue she was left, totally oblivious to being along. She thought Kyle was somewhere in the house. (Obviously we need a smaller house for safety sake).

When she found out she was alone she didn't freak out it was, "cool! I could have had a party!".

She has always been laid back, go with the flow. I guess that was good today otherwise we could have had a panicky, traumatized child from now on. Kyle asked her at dinner tonight what she would have done if there had been a fire in the house? She said "go out the back door and tell someone to call 911". Probably Emma!

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