Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Day - Literally

Monday and Tuesday were snowy, snowy! The boys did a great job keeping our driveway nice and clear and it came with a price - exhaustion!
The girls on the other hand used the snow to make candy and ice cream! We had a great afternoon scooping snow and eating.

Our Little House in the Big Woods study has Molasses candy like Laura and Mary used to make. This was the perfect day to try it. First we measured out a cup of brown sugar.

Then a cup of molasses.

Then we stirred and heated it until it was boiling and formed balls when dropped in water (a lot like making fudge).

We needed more snow to make 2 pans of candy, one is not enough for all the molasses sugar. I would have cut it in half had I known how much it would make. We filled two 9x13 pans with snow.

Then we drizzled the molasses onto the snow making little shapes.

Then it was on to our ice cream. We got more snow, that was not a problem! 16 cups of snow, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, 1 cup of sugar, and milk to get the consistency that we wanted. Yum! It turned out great!

A perfect snow day!

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