Saturday, February 20, 2010

Donny & Marie!

I'm tagging along with Bill while he is in Vegas to speak at a conference. We have the weekend to ourselves and enjoying every minute, it does not happen often so we are making the most of it. Tonight was the highlight of the trip for me...

Donny and Marie, live at the Flamingo Showroom, front row with VIP passes for backstage. Bill is a very good man! I admit that I am spoiled rotten. But with my 40th birthday looming ahead this summer I have decided to celebrate ALL year long and this is part of that celebration. I have been excited for tonight for weeks. I used to watch Donny and Marie every Friday night when I was 8 and nine years old. It was the highlight of my week, get in my pajamas and eat pizza in front of the TV, blissfully watching Donny and Marie sing and dance. I loved it!

When we found out they were performing in Vegas, Bill not only said to get tickets but insisted that I get the good seats and the meet and great. Having seen Donny and Marie in 1978 at the Palace Theatre in Columbus with my dad, I realize that it could be another 30 years from now before I could see them again. I was not disappointed! What a fantastic show! Bill and I both loved it. It was high energy, great singing, funny goofy brother/sister stuff, and lots of dancing. Fabulous!

I promised the girls pictures when they get up Saturday so here goes.

Girls - These are the backstage passes that we had to wear to go see Donny. Marie was not feeling well so she slipped out early and we didn't get to meet her. We got to keep the passes so you can see them when I get home.

Meeting Donny, he was charming!

My photo op!

Here is Donny looking at the ticket stub I brought with me from when I saw him in 1978. He was cracking up when he saw it. He thought it was amazing that I still had it and could not believe the price on it, $14.75!
Girls - I also have an autographed picture for all of us to share. I got to see the mirror ball trophy from Dancing with the Stars, he had it in the show. It was really neat! I also got a book for you to look at from the show and I did find you all some t-shirts, they are a little big but you can always sleep in them! Daddy and I had the best time. We were right in the front row by the stairs of the stage and both Donny and Marie were singing and dancing right in front of us the whole night. It was very cool! Love you all, can't wait to share more with you when I get home. Mommy


Whitney said...

First thing I did when I got up was told Beeg, "I've got to check Margot's blog." The pictures are great! How'd you get the whole sequence of events on film? Did they let you take your own camera after all??? I LOVE the one of Donny studying the ticket stub. That's probably my favorite one! Looks like you had a great time!!!!! Something you can check off your Bucket List (not that someone who's 39 needs a Bucket List or anything!).

Laura said...

Margot, oh my goodness! I'm so jealous! I used to watch Donny and Marie too! (and I had Tigerbeat posters of Donny all over my room, but that's another story ;)) What a fun night! They sure know how to entertain.

You guys enjoy your fun weekend away :)

Gretchen said...

Those are FABULOUS!!!!! Sorry to hear that Marie was not feeling well but SO HAPPY you finally got to meet DONNY!!!!!!

Gretchen said...

Laura, My Tigerbeat posters were of Kirk Cameron so I COMPLETELY understand!

Margot said...

Can you say sucker? The photographer was snapping away and I didn't think anything of it she was doing that with lots of people. Until I saw the stack of pictures they had for me to choose from. Most people had 3 to pick from, I had about 9. I think she saw an easy target and the stars in my eyes!(I was also the only one with a 30+year ticket stub!) How could I not get them?! I will never get to do that again! I got the best of the bunch and I was trying to tell the story! Glad it worked! It was an awesome night!