Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Like Christmas Day

It's here UB! The box of treasured family pictures and mementos arrived from California today and for me it's like Christmas Day. And I am officially pulling the "I'm the oldest" card and I get first dibs on stuff so back off sisters!
Here are some of my favorites since I won't see mom and sisters until the weekend and I am busting to show some of these unseen items.

Top picture are both Grandma and Grandpa's bibles dating to 1939 and 1930 respectively. Along with the 1949 Christmas card and yes UB you were very cute.

These are my all time favorites, I have never seen these before. Mom - age 4? The hair and face are totally Lindy. Remember how Lindy's hair would curl like this when she was 2?

Precious. I absolutely love this one. Sorry mom. Your grandchildren like it too.

Grandma's High School Diploma

Mom - Age? I have the perfect paper for this picture. It's getting scrapbooked THIS weekend.
There is more, too many good ones to post so you will all have to get over here and take a peak. I LOVE this stuff!


Rob M. said...

I'm so happy to read what you said, Margot! I've got tears in my eyes right now! I hope somehow that Bible can be fixed so it doesn't fall apart.

Yes, I was a cute baby! I've got pictures of me that I won't part with -- well, not yet anyway!

And any pictures with my mom and dad in them I really like.

Now, if I can get Uncle Dave to find some things I KNOW he has ....


Gretchen said...

I can't wait to look through them all!!!! What fun!!!!

Rob M. said...

There will be more pictures, I've got plenty to sort out!


Whitney said...

Uh, before you take first dibs on everything, maybe scan the stuff you use so we can have prints, too???? Littlest sister is putting her foot down, 'cause that stuff is too cute to not share with the rest of us!