Thursday, February 25, 2010

Helping Haiti

These girls are awesome! Last week at our Brownie meeting I suggested a bake sale to benefit a charity to help work on our Penny Power Try it. We talked about a couple of organizations that could use money and decided on Haiti. Then the girls got baking!
WOW! They had a packed table with every kind of treat imaginable. Our grand total at the end of the day was $93.41!
Great job girls you did a fabulous job!

Molly is looking forward to being a Daisy next year, she has watched her big sis AnnMarie be in Girl Scouts for the last 4 years.


Laura said...

Those pictures are great! And my boys declared the treats yummy :) What a sweet way to work on their try-it and serve as well!

Gretchen said...

Way to go girls!!!!

The Jackson Juniors said...

That is AWESOME!! Great job Troop 120!!!

Jennifer James said...

What a great group of girls and a great cause!
My kids want a bake sale every week now! It was a hit!